ELT Platform Redevelopment

With this ETL platform, users can extract their data collected by third-party analytical sources like Adwords, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Management, or Big Query, transform it (visualize) as they see fit, and upload it wherever they want. This service offers users to pick the data to be shown and extracted, how often it should be extracted, and how it should look in the end.

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What the task was

The platform was lacking an admin panel, was written with AWS but in a way that stalled the scaling, and the database couldn’t process & transform users’ data fast enough. Plus, some of the platform’s logic was written into the database. We had to:

Re-do the architecture

Speed up data processing

Develop admin panel

Untangle the platform logic from the database into the backend


How we solved it


We’ve replaced the Monolith that used to rely on one Lambda to perform all functions with Microservices architecture that relies on multiple Lambda to perform them independently, ensuring that the platform performs as promised without failures in one Lambda inflicting failures onto the others.


We’ve transferred the project from JS Framework to Python, which made data processing faster and opened an opportunity to increase its quality by adding supportive AI algorithms. And in the process, we’ve picked apart the work of the service logic from Postgres DB and migrated it to the backend with Python.


We’ve designed and developed a web app with an admin panel where users can easily add their sources, set up the periods of data extraction, select how the data should get transformed, see server-usage statistics.


Further developed the platform’s database so that the user’s analytical context would be uploaded and transformed according to selected pre-settings.

How it benefited our client


Increased the speed of the data processing


Improved the quality of code that can be easily scalable and supportable


Made platform secure so users could trust it with their data

Our works


Aim Gods

APIs, website, and security enhancement


Architecture Improvements

Architecture Improvements