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We provide AWS solutions

With a solid base of expertise and experience in AWS development, Lambda Team builds the unique and outstanding products for your business. We are the leading team of software engineers who provide all range of cloud security services in a cost-effective and timely manner. We do full-scale AWS projects and successfully implement complex technical solutions in cloud application development. Flawless is the best description of Lambda Team project management. No delays, concise and consistent feedbacks and reporting.

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How we work

Get the finished product at a fixed price within the agreed time.

Providing requirements
We clarify requirements
We add you to Trello
We add you to Slack
We provide you weekly reports
We release and support you

Recent Projects

Completed and in development projects of our clients.

ReactJS, Redux, Immutable, Redux-Saga, Axios
AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Simple Queue Service, CloudFormation, ElasticBeanstalk, EC2, DynamoDB
Security cloud service


We put our soul into our work. And customers appreciate it.


We guarantee our clients

High quality product

We work on the result, that’s why we develop the perfectly working solutions

Project’s maintenance

A personal manager provides the operational interaction with the developers

Transparency of the work

We regularly contact the client to discuss the current tasks


We take the full responsibility for the workers’ actions

Reports on the results

We send the reports on the working progress

Loyalty and confidentiality

We guarantee that the developed product and the information received won’t be distributed in any way

We solve, let’s talk

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Outsource. Outsourced. Outsourcing.
Why IT Outsourcing beats an in-house model? There are many disputes and arguments around the topic. But statistics tell the truth. If you want to save your money, time and finally “touch” your project, call on outsourcing web development!
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