Startup Migration from GCP to AWS for GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a huge domain register and hosting company that expands beyond websites by acquiring various startups. If you’ve never heard about them (which we doubt).

Check out their page –

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What the task was

We had to help GoDaddy migrate an acquired startup from Google Cloud Platform to AWS, making sure that:

Downtime is close to zero for the prod-critical services

Services left at GCP use new services on AWS

Code complies with GoDaddy policies and standards


How we solved it


We’re migrating the Kubernetes cluster from GCP to AWS, ensuring that a part of services that stayed at GCP communicates with new services on AWS until the migration is complete. Moreover, we had to configure the Kubernetes to comply with the current GoDaddy policies and code quality standards.

Monitoring and error prevention

We’ve integrated 3rd party monitoring services like New Relic and Kibana to provide timely log monitoring and error detection. And set up CloudWatch alerts and monitoring dashboards to detect abnormal behaviors and troubleshoot them to keep services running smoothly.

Tech used:

Migration: Lambda, EKS, ECS, ECR, CloudFormation, IAM, Service Catalog, RDS, Secrets Manager, Parameter Store, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, EC2, Kinesis, CloudFront

Backend: Kotlin, Golang

DevOps: Kubernetes, Flux, Fluent Bit, Peru, GitHub Actions, Wercker, New Relic, Kibana


How it benefited our client

Migrating the Kubernetes cluster service by service has helped us keep the product afloat, avoiding downtime while refactoring the code to meet GoDaddy standards and policy requirements.

Our works



Web platform


Architecture Improvements

Architecture Improvements