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When FREE means FREE or how to build an app without spending a cent

When you are about to start a new project, the first thing you have to deal with is pricing. It comprises costs for web services and development. Do you know that AWS provides all users with the opportunity to utilise a full range of services absolutely for free?


Amazon Web Services is the opportunity to build an app from scratch investing $0

There are two main issues people always stick to while trying to push or improve their business. We won't surprise you telling that it's TIME and MONEY. And your idea will become real! Nowadays, it's highly essential to understand the fair and actual prices for web development services as well as the main feature of the tech stack the developers are going to use in the future project development process.

The nature of FREE services

Feel free to surf the Internet and gather all crucial data about non-expiring offers! Also, there is another option - during the pre-selling campaign, try to benefit as much as possible from the conversation with your potential contractor.

Today we will look in detail what AWS offers their customers entirely for free. It's very important to know how you can save money on services before moving on to the development stage.


The AWS Free Tier

If AWS Platform is new for you, let's categorize the services by their nature.

*the offer is available only to new AWS customers, and only for 12 months since the subscription date.

The first cluster is Compute Services.

Signing up for a free tier* you get

With these two services, you can build an API. But if you consider a long-term running process, be ready to pay extra money for Lambda service. It can be cost demanding depending on the execution time and the resources volume utilized for the Lambda Function.

  • • 750 Hours per month of the secure and resizable computer capacity with the Amazon EC2.
  • • With a one month of a free trial (750 hours) of Amazon Lightsail, you can get a Virtual Private Server, a powerful API, primary storage and network. Everything you need for an easy project start.
The scalable database is the second free tier cluster of AWS.

With no time limits, you will get 25GB of fully managed and extremely scalable NoSQL database. More than 200 requests can be handled by DynamoDB at the same time including 25 Units of Read Capacity and 25 Units of Write Capacity. Moreover, you can sign up for 750 Hours per month for using applicable DB engines. With Amazon Relational Database Service or RDS, you can set, operate, scale the operational database in the cloud. This service is designed for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle BYOL, or SQL Server.

User Pool Management Services

Working on adding new user sign-ups or mobile/web authorization AWS Free Tier can become handy. You can't imagine the productivity and efficiency of the process with Amazon Cognito. Each month you will get 50K active users pool. The unique identifiers creation is free of charge. AWS also provides you with 10GB cloud sync storage within a year after registration. Besides, 1M sync operations for 12 months are completely free.

Storage and content delivery

If you are going to build a website or develop an app, you'll probably need a way to store its files and assets on the web. A good tool for it is Amazon S3. With this service, you will meet the most strict regulatory requirements and be able to store all the data you need. With free tier offer, you get 5GB of standard Amazon storage, 20,000 Get Requests and 2,000 Put Requests also for free but only for 12 months since the registration of the account.


Got excited? Wait a minute

When you have to spend $0, it always sounds convincing. Even if you can set your AWS personal panel, sort out all required services for the project, what will you do next? Of course, find the software engineers. Experienced web developers, specialized on AWS, will instantly transform all your wishes into the product. This is the only thing you have to pay for. By doing this, you invest in the business perspectives. Manage your money wisely: save on free tier services, but be ready to pay for their deployment.

If you are looking for more information about AWS services, project estimation, designing and development, feel free to contact Lambda Team!

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