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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform which provides users with the vast variety of services, such as computing, database storage, content delivery. AWS helps your business scale and grow with lots of tools. Together with Lambda Team, your application is secure, flexible, scalable, reliable.


Why Lambda Team ?

Lambda Team is a multifunction dedicated team of code runners with the aim to think, develop and implement your business ideas into a perfectly designed product or solution. Once you understand the way our team works, you could clearly see that there is no “hard to crack” questions or bottleneck problems. We do everything required to meet clients expectations. Lambda Team developers are the AWS avengers with a solid tech background who are ready to deal with any services for your business objectives’ realization, ensuring the security of all operations.

Being an AWS-ninja, Lambda team builds secure, scalable and high-performance applications in a subsecond time bound. We flawlessly navigate in the world of Amazon Web Services. 24\7 is an “on-air” mode for the team to create, maintain and secure your application. AWS is trusted and inexpensive way to bring your business to a higher secure level, improving flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the application.

Lambda Team is the prototype of the modern and highly technological company:
“We do leverage self-management!”
“We are the professionals who establish our own team!”
“We don’t need HR, PR specialists. We are the team of engineers who get the job and business done properly!”


Lambda Team Amazon Web
Services Maps

Virtual servers cloud.
Elastic Beanstalk
Applications management, help with managing autoscaling, networking and deploy for apps running on EC2 instances.
In-memory cache (Memcached, Redis).
You will get an easy-to-start virtual server in the cloud with secure "developer-friendly" compute capacity; minimal friction; complete control in a safe computing environment with subsecond metering. All compute services stand for the scalable solutions allowing automatically control and adjust the processing power when it’s needed. There is no ups and downs, only continuous scaling.
Managed NoSQL database.
Managed relational database instances.
Elastic LoadBalancer
Load balancing between EC2 instances.
With Dynamo DB all nonrational database services are fully managed, enterprise-ready and perform at scale for serverless data storing and regular experience with users. Amazon RDS, Amazon elastic Cache will provide you with “common” highly scalable server solutions. Apps built on ASW Database are extremely performing, highly available, secure, as well as fully managed.
Developer Tools
CodeBuild, CodePipeline
Build, test code. Continuous delivery.
The source code is compiled, tests - run, software packages - produced, pipelines - automated. Just build, deploy and test with ease.
Management Tools
Logging, Monitoring.
Manage resources in templates, bundling.
Monitor events in AWS Account.
The "insight" service for modelling, monitoring, understanding, and responding. "X-ray" scanner for your application's operational health and infrastructure at all. A single platform for all your data with in-depth optimization feature.
Media Services
Scalable media transcoding.
AWS provides total magic with advanced transcoding features. Transcoder runs Media World.
Network and Content delivery
Managing networking.
Global CDN.
Objects storage.
API Gateway
HTTP Interfaces for running lambda functions, handling request to internal EB hosts, etc.
You will open the "front door" to hidden business logic\functionality of the app back-end services. No "hardware" stands behind management, authorization, and access control. Lowcost is Efficient.

What we do?

AWS Account Monitoring approach
Our team manages your AWS account 24/7 taking care of billing and payments. All our activities are transparent with a help of resource utilization and billing’s monthly reports.
AWS Infrastructure Management approach
We take everything under control providing continuous monitoring of the cloud for fault identification and fast response.
Cost Optimization and Planning approach
The main objective of our team is to find a cost-optimized solution for the client. We deal with cutting-edge technologies and tools showing the high level of professionalism not only in development but in management and planning activities.
DevOps Automation approach
Implementation of the agile approach is the crucial issue in the process of the app or product deployment. We not only focus but constantly optimize the cloud infrastructure for the already launched and new applications.

Client’s journey with
Lambda Team

Once you get an idea, we are the right team to choose. Our partnership is divided into several sprints:
Contact Us
Is the world-known slogan of finding the potential contractor and the primary step of your problem clarification.
Technical requirements
Technical requirements are the crucial issue to fulfil, writing down all expectations, objective, perspectives, and timeframes.
You won’t be aside from the project, just at the centre. Trello and Slack are provided by default.
Weekly Reports
The easiest and the most transparent way to track the productivity and the stage of the product development.
Realization and Support
Destination point of any cooperation.

AWS cases

Completed and in development projects of our clients.
Security cloud service
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Security cloud service

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