Resecurity Cloud Audit

Resecurity Cloud Audit is an embedded audit system, designed for making security configuration checks on clients AWS accounts and allows observing the cloud for confidence documents or malicious code.
Resecurity Cloud Audit is a product developed for the web servers, websites owners who store the data in AWS cloud. This service enables monitoring AWS accounts and the confidentiality of the data as well as managing the security settings. Resecurity Cloud Audit prevents in many ways the password and personal information leakage. It notifies when an unauthorized user logs in and detects malicious files download.
Resecurity Cloud Audit implements the solution which facilitates the system to control all activities and notify about every suspicious action, like access from abroad. If any dos or hacking attack occurs, the system’s primary task is to send a notification, presenting the overall report (executive summary, identified issues, and further remediation recommendations).

Who needs this product

There is always an issue dealing with the cybersecurity. In a case with AWS, be sure Amazon does care about the cloud, but the company’s security has to be on the top priority for any business holder. There is one more problem, the process of analyzing and constant system improving is time-consuming.
In a nutshell, Resecurity Cloud Audit handles and copes with:
  • Mobile Data transferring monitoring.
  • Cloud Service Adoption (security of the services and shortcomings).
  • Proactive Cloud Security Risk management.
  • Enterprise protection against application-layer attacks.

Advantages of the product

Resecurity Cloud Audit is a multi-cloud system responsible for managing security services and keeping your public, private and hybrid cloud environment safety. Furthermore, to prevent any risks, the system manages the workflow, authorization and access controls. With Security Cloud Service the maximum data protection can be gained as well as full control of the security posture. Resecurity Cloud Audit as a cloud service gives an ability to adjust and scan the history of the account. It detects any changes in real-time and\or continuous mode. Security Cloud Service is an applied realization of the standard list of security rules. As a service, it provides a constant system update and is fully packed with AWS tech stack.

Application of the product

The system is located in Amazon infrastructure and is built on AWS services. It monitors other Amazon accounts’ and main Identity and Access management services. Resecurity Cloud Audit audits any of user’s actions and the security at all.


Resecurity Cloud Audit REST API based on API Gateway and AWS Lambda that allows it to be pretty lightweight.
Serverless Framework allows us to easily manage entire codebase for multiple lambdas as one project, manage all other API-related resources and to use convinient out-of-the-box deploy built on top of CloudFormation stacks.

Unique Features of the product

Resecurity Cloud Audit is unique with it serverless architecture (a multi-environment principle): the system is embedded and “lives” in Amazon but also scans Amazon as well. Lambda Team has developed Security Cloud not in a standard way as many other security services which are on the market nowadays. It wasn’t just deployed as a packed system. The system works without involving any “hard” technologies. In other words, Resecurity Cloud Audit is an independent system. No particular cloud platform or service is needed.
Resecurity Cloud Audit has short runtime periods. Moreover, the most significant - everything is built without using any server. We take a part of the Amazon infrastructure. For the task fulfillment, we rent it for a short time period. Resecurity Cloud Audit identifies the vulnerabilities and improves the application security. It is the compelling but straightforward way of achieving the effectiveness in maintaining the cloud security service and its scalability.

Benefits for the business

The risk of cybersecurity is the bottleneck problem for any business all over the world.
Working on the service development hot trends in cybersecurity niche were considered. Also, today the system which can prevent any issues with access right administration does exist. All necessary setting can be installed out-of-the-box. There is an option to build extra services to keep the data safe by providing the solution to the customer’s needs.

Technology Stack
Solution Components

On tech side, we use next AWS services:
Cloud runtime for running small scripts.
API Gateway
HTTP Interfaces for running lambda functions, handling request to internal EB hosts, etc.
Simple Queue Service
Fully managed message queues for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications.
Manage resources in templates, bundling.
Elastic Beanstalk
Applications management, help with managing autoscaling, networking and deploy for apps running on EC2 instances.
Virtual servers cloud.
Managed NoSQL database.


The primary requirement for working with ASW is to know what AWS is. Clarification, creation and deployment, all instructions are provided for the customer.

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