React.JS is simple JavaScript. React.JS is the plain library. React.JS is the firm User Interface.

Why Lambda Team ?

Lambda Team is the young and perspective outsource development company in Ukraine. Our web developers provide outstanding solutions to common and complex business problems. We always keep up with the latest technologies and optimize the time and cost for the project development. Lambda team stands for the experience and reliability. React.JS is the right choice for any type of business and the dedicated team is a force that can help you grow up and achieve success in all your beginnings. Our React.JS skilled engineers represent the unique project management system in open source, cross-platform development environment.
With the solid knowledge in React.JS, Lambda team provides the deeply efficient, productive, search-friendly websites and application.

Lambda Team about React.JS

  • React.JS is a clear-cut way to describe the best User Interface. It stands for an awesome web application with an appealing view layer.
  • React.JS is like the Minecraft where you place the bricks, reusable components, and ready for the game. In React.JS nothing happens in one moment.
  • First, you deal with bottoms and checkboxes, then move forward for wrapping the components an so on. The last stage is the ready mobile app.
  • React.JS has its own internal logic. All components are reusable. The process of development is easy, and the app looks consistent.
  • No more pain points with app performance. The solution is Virtual DOM.
  • React.JS immediately reacts to any changes in the sate, consequently, performing DOM updates.

React-ive Business Solution by Lambda Team

  • User experience improvement is for Virtual DOM which increases the productivity of exceedingly overloaded applications.
  • High websites performance.
  • Simple project migration.
  • Projects built on React.JS are easily scalable and fault tolerant.
  • Fast page rendering is the result of isomorphic nature of an app.
  • SEO-indexing.
  • One code for client and server parts of an application.
  • Building the code once for a website can be reused again for an app development.
  • The cost-saving code-optimized solution for small, medium, and large business.
  • One dedicated team for the project deployment, including both a website and app development.

Lambda Team React.JS
Development Solution:

UI/UX Development
We provide sophisticated, consistent, and stunning web and mobile app UI/UX services following innovative technologies.
Custom Project Development
Being experts in React.js development, we build fast, secure, scalable web and mobile apps entirely matching your business parameters.
Migration Services
With React.JS, migration from other platforms to React.JS becomes an easy thing if you work with web dev professionals as we are.
Support & Maintenance
Once you launch the project, our outsource development team is ready to respond to any changes providing continuous stability and noble performance to an app with 24/7 support and maintenance services.
Project Management
Hiring outsource development company you get the full pack of services, including dedicated product and project managers.
Consulting Services
If you want to understand a technical visualisation and a background for the idea implementation, feel free to contact our React.JS engineers and cover all pain points.

Lambda Team React.JS
Application Expertise:

Social Networking
Banking and Finance
Education and e-learning
Retail & commerce

React.JS Project
Management Sprints:

Once you get an idea, we are the right team to choose. Our partnership is divided into several sprints:
Technical Requirement and Overall Analysis
Before moving to the web development stage we conduct competitors and relevant business niche analysis, create detailed project documentation to deliver a sophisticated and unique web app.
Design and Development
Utilizing the hot trends we create up-to-date real-time applications fully meeting the client's expectations.
Mobile Web Application
We develop user-friendly, technologically responsive mobile app with the list of the most required plug-ins.
We pay attention to the speed and performance of the website and mobile app for the future Google rankings.
For the website protection, we use security-related plugins, data encryption, secure admin panel.
Project Delivery
We build a strong relationship with all Lambda Team clients using various communication channels. We build trusted partnership with frequent and accurate reporting.

React.js cases

Completed and in development projects of our clients.
reactjs, redux, redux-saga, axios, immutable

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Create A React.js Web App?
Everything depends on the projected volume. After documenting all technical requirements, we start building the app. The web designing sprint lasts up to 4 weeks taking into consideration the complexity of the development project, updates, and reviews. The next crucial issue we have to bear in mind is the number of pages and the whole functionality of the delivered product. We are representatives of the agile and lean development processes for time reducing. After completing every stage, we provide the customer with a detailed report and future scope of work for adjusting the working flow.
Are your React.js sites mobile-friendly?
Nowadays it's just unacceptable for the leading web development company to build non-mobile friendly websites. Whatever gadget you choose, the sites created by Lambda Team will perform flawlessly on the screens of different sizes.
Will I get a full time dedicated project manager?
Once you outsource Lambda Team, you work together with a dedicated project manager, who will keep you in touch with all updates and the progress of the project development. We are time-zone friendly, so the communication will be held at a convenient time for the customer through the prioritized communication channel. The project manager on the regular basis will provide the reports, considering the client's valuable feedbacks.
Can I select my preferred React.js developer?
The model of cooperation with our web development agency is simple. You contact us, we listen to the problem. After conducting the research and analysis, we present the future partnership format. Due to the project development requirements, the client will be presented the dedicated engineers he will cooperate with. The customer gets a full pack of information about the experience and live projects completed by the team. If there is no objection, we immediately dive into the process.
How can I see the progress of the website development?
All our clients have a full access to the development process and the progress of task fulfilment. We provide the customer with the credentials and further access to the website.
What about face-to-face meeting to begin the project?
The main rule of outsourcing we obey in Lambda Team is constant video-conferencing. We build a trusted relationship with the client showing him our presence and team working mode from any part of the world. In major cases, everything depends on the client's preferences. We are available in all messengers and modern tools for successful communication and collaboration.
What about the website Search Engine Optimization?
With React.JS our engineers build the website accordingly SEO guidelines and recommendations for future Google rankings.
Is there any hidden cost for React.js development?
As soon as we have discussed the technical requirement for the project implementation, the price is calculated accordingly. We strictly follow the outlined activities. In this case, no additional cost needed. If the customer wants to get the additional feature or change the functionality of the product after the website is ready, the issue will be discussed separately involving extra costs.
Once website design is completed, what's the next?
Lambda Team provides the full range of support and maintenance services.

What Author of React thinks about his library


Dan Abramov

Founder at ReactJS

When we see something that is new both technologically and philosophically, we tend to focus on the technology part because we need to tame the magic first.

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