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Wisio is the platform which provides an ability for both influencers and fans build true and trusted relationship.

Who needs this product

Wisio is the digital marketplace for the creators to gather a living audience and the users to find the answers for the most critical topics or merely speak directly with the favorite YouTube, Facebook, Instagram character.

Advantages of the product

Wisio is a beneficial platform for followers and influencers as well.
You don't need to spend much time searching on Google for the answer or trying to keep with all updates on Social Media to be in touch with the influencers. Wisio presents the new era in communication with influencers. As a user, you can purchase a piece of advice, feedback and\or ongoing mentorship and in reply receive 3 min customized video made by the person you want to deal with directly.
Creating relevant content is not an easy task. Furthermore, retaining the audience is a real challenge. Wisio is the unique place where creators can engage the followers entertainingly and securely. Each user of this website has its personal account. Moreover, establishing accurate information and present yourself as an expert in a selected niche, the creator can expand the number of fans. Wisio helps people monetize their knowledge and experience in a transparent way. No hidden operations at all.

Application of the product

Wisio is an open online platform with perspective to outgrow into a large educational provider of right content without any advertisement. People ask, people answer.
Wisio is thе specific place where the user and the creator can meet each other. No additional social networks are needed to meet the influencer in "live" mode and find the answer for the exact question.

Benefits for the business

Wisio is the centre of the interests. Users grab the information and can study. Creators educate and are paid for the excellent work.

LambdaTeam Technical Solution

Wisio is the uncommon solution of the inventive idea. The first communication with the client was conducted in the mode“I think - you create.” After negotiation and drawing the technical requirement up, Lambda Team presented the future prototype of the design and development of the online platform Wisio. The main issue was to create the platform which would fully meet the client's expectation. There were no remarks. In strong cooperations with the customer, Lambda Team provides the continuous support and update of the social platform. Wisio is the representations of an active business collaboration based on solid experience and expertise of the web development team and the potential customer.

Technology Stack
Solution Components

Working on the development of Wisio, Lambda Team used next technologies:
A JavaScript library for building user interfaces
A predictable state container for JavaScript apps
Performance enhancement through memoization
A redux middleware library
Client side support for protecting against XSRF



Adam Frank

Founder & CTO at Wisio

What happens if you get an idea but don't know how to implement it? Just contact Lambda Team, these geek professionals. You even could think about the project, as they would present the straight plan and clear vision of it. My Wisio is the real example of the productive cooperation and true partnership with LambdaTeam.

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