AWS infrastructure for CampaignMeister

CampaignMeister – a free cross-channel campaign management tool – approached us to build a reliable and scalable AWS infrastructure for their front-end and back-end apps.

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What the task was

The important thing about developing the infrastructure for this client laid in meeting a set of criteria:

Multiple environments for different purposes (development, staging, and production);

A private network for application servers and database instances;

Have a zero-downtime deployment process with rollbacks.

Automate scaling.


How we solved it

To deal with 3 different environments, we applied an infrastructure-as-code approach using AWS CloudFormation.

The deployment flow

To fulfill the zero-downtime updates requirement we choose Blue/Green deployments as a deployment strategy. And we used several DevOps services such as CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy to provide continuous integration & delivery processes.


Built a private network from scratch with Amazon VPC.

Availability & Scaling

For handling rapid traffic spikes, we used AWS Auto-Scaling. This allocates additional computing resources when needed, and removes them afterward. The database is hosted by Amazon RDS with Multi-AZ enabled, which makes it highly available and fault-tolerant even in case of major outages.

How it benefited our client


Fault-tolerant and high availability for the backend app and a database


Enhanced security by using a private network with access managed by VPN


All operations-related processes build with Serverless-based services, which reduced their monthly bill

Our works


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