Redesigning monolithic platform for MasterStream

We had to replace a legacy and exhausting monolithic platform with a family of simple REST APIs for MasterStream. This American company provides wide-range telecom solutions to automate and simplify a supply chain between providers, agents, and customers.

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What the task was

The goal was to design a fully serverless architecture that could reduce the whole system’s operational cost, separate responsibilities among several services, and support scalability out-of-the-box.


How we solved it

While researching, we found that AWS Lambda meets the majority of client’s needs. We choose DynamoDB as the central database because of its high reliability and serverless nature. Compute

Having AWS Lambda as a primary compute service, we no longer needed to maintain the server’s fleet. And with flexible pricing and almost infinite scalability, we’ve designed a cost-effective, robust, and predictable backend. Database

DynamoDB offers high performance but requires rather precise planning and data modeling. By applying DynamoDB’s NoSQL best practices, such as adjacency list and index overloading, we’ve designed an efficient data model keeping data consistency. App integration

Microservices design and asynchronous nature require a stable communication channel. We’ve used Amazon SQS as a queue to decouple services and make processing asynchronous.

API Gateway was used as fully managed RESTful APIs for the lambda-based backend. Besides the scalability, API GW provides many useful options like usage plans, canary releases, and flexible security controls.

How it benefited our client

  • Automatically allocating resources on-demand to handle spikes, even when using «classical» server-based infrastructure;
  • Scalable data processing pipeline;
  • A fully managed fleet of both application and DB instances;
  • Full-fledged security & DDoS protection as part of the AWS infrastructure.

Our works


Aim Gods

APIs, website, and security enhancement



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